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About Denver Housewives

Networking Near DenverHey! My name is Leah Ryan and I started Denver Housewives in the City in September of 2016.
I knew that this would be such a great adventure and have LOVED seeing so many locally owned businesses grown and thrive from the connections they have made in this group!   

I create and manage monthly Networking Socials for business owners, entrepreneurs and women in our communities who want to connect with leading women and businesses in the Denver Metro Area. Part of our efforts in connecting businesses and assisting them in growing their business is this blog and our social media platforms! Over the years, we have built a solid foundation of followers, fans and readers that find value in our efforts and trust our guidance for not only building their businesses but finding fun new places around town to support. 

I am an open book, and welcome anyone to join us regardless of your business type or tenure. If you are just starting a new business, please come hang with us virtually and in-person as networking and meeting new friends in business is the best way to start!

My motto is that we have to “Like, Know and Trust” each other before we are willing to give someone our business and hard earned dollars. The best way to earn that respect is to build those early relationships and that foundation to grow from. Support, encouragement and positivity is how we build up these amazing people in our communities.

How is this accomplished? Every month, (excluding 2020) Denver Housewives has planned and executed incredible events by supporting hundreds of locally owned businesses, and entrepreneurs.  I have had the pleasure to watch many start ups grow and thrive by way of our events, taking advantage of our advertising opportunities, and creating personal connections when attending networking at events.

My goal when at monthly events, get togethers, or even on social media, is impressing the importance of networking and sharing the businesses with others you think would benefit from them. 

Aside from the heavy emphasis on networking and supporting local businesses, you will find helpful guides, events, suggestions and fun foodie loving conversations here on the blog and throughout our social media! We are definitely all about business, but also all about fun! 

Leah Ryan, Denver NetworkingAbout Me:
In addition to our monthly events and meetups, I love to get around town finding awesome trendy foodie spots, check out local entertainment and music, participate in Denver’s fun outdoor summer events.

I am an impulsive shopper and mall-rat for life! Stay tuned for fun guides full of my favorite shops, boutiques, diners and spots to hang in and around Denver!

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my almost-husband (ask me… LOL), cooking, reading and using my creativity in various aspects. I love playing with vintage ephemera and decoupaging!  And puppies… I love all the doggos! If there is one around, my attention is laser-focused on that cute little face and I will drop whatever I am doing to give them all the lovings!

Some of my favorites:

  • Favorite Foods: Tacos, Pizza, Sushi, Crepes and a great steak
  • Favorite Movies: Reality Bites, Empire Records, Bridesmaids, The Notebook, Titanic, anything with Tom Hanks or Will Ferrell!
  • Favorite Quote: “Energy and Persistence conquer all things” – Benjamin Franklin
  • Favorite Things: Couch blankets, weather under 75 degrees, fuzzy socks, a good fireplace, gorgeous charcuterie boards and a spring afternoon in my hammock with a good book.

Please make sure to introduce yourself if you see me out and about, at an event or even on Social Media! Shoot me an email anytime at Leah@Housewivesinthecity.com

Ask me about showcasing your business and how I can help introduce you to a new sphere of influence and promote your business with our brand!