We all have our favorites right? Favorite restaurants, favorite shops, favorite treats, favorite outings… I am definitely a consumer, a shopper, and a connector. If I LOVE something, I will tell everyone about it. One of the downfalls to being an impulsive shopper and a mall rat for life… is I tend to buy myself everything I want. So, when Birthdays and other gifting holidays come around, I am super hard to shop for. At the end of the month… it is my birthday and it’s a big one. A couple of my friends and family members asked me to make a list of things I love. It took me a while to think of what my most favorite things are… but I managed to come up with a few!

So here… we….go! A guide to some of my most favorite things.

  1. These hand made, resin designed charcuterie style cutting boards are GORGEOUS. You can find them at Wish Gifts Denver

2. CHARCUTERIE!! My friend Karen owns Champagne & Charcuterie and she makes the most amazing Adult Lunchables, Charcuterie Boxes and grazing spreads! 

3. Lux + Luca makes some of my most favorite jewelry ever. Snarky, edgy but classy and gorgeous! 

4. Tacos. Specifically Tacos from Tacos, Tequila, Whiskey. Even more specifically.. the crispy carnitas tacos. They are the most delicious of any taco out there! 

5. This bag… and all BuxieJo Bags… are handmade by my friend Kerrin. She personally shops and purchases the fabric and leather, designs the bags, sews them and creates them. And this bag is currently the apple of my eye. 


There are just a few! Stay tuned for more!