If you’re like me and could do without any weather above 80 degrees, you aren’t in a hurry for summer to return, but can’t wait to get outside and do something! I’m a homebody, so for the last several months being at home hasn’t really bothered me, but the last few days I’m longing for a chance to get out of the house and see something different!

We live about 3 miles from the National Whitewater Center and despite having been here for over 3 years, we just went for our first visit a few months ago. It was a perfect clear day, warm but not too warm, and it was good to see friends…socially distanced, of course.

Many people think the National Whitewater Center is just a spring to fall activity, but we were excited to find out they have several winter options as well! Time is running out, but you can take advantage of ice skating! Take a look at the Activity Schedule, which is subject to change.

Tag us @clthousewives, if you go for a visit!