We are so excited for the launch of our Welcome Home Wednesday series! This 10 part series will come to you every Wednesday and cover so many fun topics. With help from our partner, Amanda Rex, we’ll bring you details on Charlotte’s HOT real estate market! From tips for not letting your dream home get away from you, to getting your home ready for sale, or finding the perfect neighborhood to start the next chapter of your family’s story, we can’t wait for you to read all that we have put together!

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To say you are going to LOVE Amanda would be an understatement. Not only is she the true definition of a #bossbabe, but she has such a great personality! More than anything, we are fortunate to partner with Amanda on this series because she is an EXPERT when it comes to the Charlotte Real Estate Market. If you follow Amanda on Instagram, you’ll quickly see that she works 24/7 for her clients to help them find the perfect house, or get top dollar for the sale of their home. She has a true passion for real estate and serving her clients and we can’t wait for you to get to know her!


Originally from Michigan but raised in Lake Norman, she has called Charlotte and its surroundings home for over 21 years. Driven to enrich the lives of those around her, she found it a natural transition when pursuing a career in real estate. Leveraging the skill-set so passionately cultivated while in healthcare, she is committed to delivering patience, empathy, diligence and wholehearted dedication to each of her clients! As a homeowner herself, she appreciates the intimate nature of the buying and selling process and strives to make every experience the most positive experience. She shares her life with her high school sweetheart and their beloved doodle fur-babies, Lilo & Norma. Her and her husband enjoy traveling the world and immersing themselves in cultural experiences. Lifestyle photography, cooking and interior decorating are some of Amanda’s favorite things. She can’t wait to engage with all of you throughout this series!



I am so excited to share this tutorial blog with you! While obsessing over all things fall, I fell in love with a hydrangea wreath on Etsy. The problem – it was $109 plus shipping and that is just NOT in the budget right now. So, of course I had to scope out how I could do it on my own.

I found the hydrangeas for 40% off at Michaels, making them less than $5 each. You’ll need 9 of them for this 18″ wreath base which was about $4.50. Then I opted for the pack of 35 pieces of stem wire, about $2.50, in a dark green so it is easily hidden within the wreath. Michaels only had Christmas ribbon out so I opted for a shimmery burlap, I used a coupon to get a 25 ft roll for $6. I think it is perfect for this wreath and I’ll definitely use it when I make the Christmas wreath I’m already envisioning!

So, your shopping list is:
9 hydrangeas – check them out and pick some nice full ones.
Wreath foundation (wire) 18″
Stem Wire pack of 35 precut pieces
Ribbon – at least 10 feet

Step one: make sure that you picked out full enough flowers, one for each of the 9 sections around the wreath foundation.

Step two: Cut the leaves off of the steam on each of the hydrangeas. Leave a short stem on each of the leaves, you’ll use the stem later to tie the leaves to the foundation. There were two leaves on each of mine. Set the leaves aside.

Step three: Cut the flower off of the stem right where it starts to spread into separate branches of flowers.

Step four: Use the stem wire to attach the hydrangea blooms to the wreath foundation. Center the bloom in the middle of the section and use the wire to attach multiple stems to different sections of the foundation, making sure the bloom won’t blow off in the wind. Repeat for all 9 blooms (see photo below for example).

Step five: You should have two leaves to go in each gap between flowers. One on the inside of the ring and one on the outside. Take the stems of two leaves and with the leaves facing opposite directions, tie the stems together with stem wire. Wrap around the stems several times from each half of the stem wire, then place against the wreath foundation and wrap the stem wire around the foundation to attach the leaves. Repeat in between all flowers (see photo below for example).

Step six: Take your ribbon and create a bow. This is NOT my strength. I youtube’d how to make a bow. Then attach the bow with stem wire. You can use the stem wire in the process of making the bow and then attach with the same wire.

Step seven: Take 2 1/2 to 3 feet of extra ribbon and loop it through the foundation just behind the center of the bow. Pull down so the middle of the ribbon is flat against the foundation. Tie a knot out of the ends then pull up on the center so it is now the top of the ribbon which you will use to hang your wreath!



Last fall I attended a fundraiser that had such a simple but gorgeous centerpiece on each table. It was too late in the season and I couldn’t find the items I needed to duplicate the centerpieces. This year, I ordered early and here we have it! These items are mostly out-of-stock online, but check your local Hobby Lobby! This look was $30 with all items on sale.

The pumpkin pictured below is about 9-10” in diameter and the garland is 6′. I’ve linked a similar pumpkin below.

Plaid Table Runner
Lamb’s Ear Garland
White Pumpkin



Our favorite front porch, fall decor trend is the layered welcome mats! You can pickup these plaid layering mats at Hobby Lobby or grab one on Amazon (just be sure to check the sizing!). We’re in love with the fall mats from Kirklands to help complete the look. Our favorite “Hey There Pumpkin” mat is linked here!